Omega Music Library vol. 6 Stems

Omega Music Library
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Omega Music Library's 6th volume is a masterclass on texture. Expertly layered soundscapes of vintage analogue boards all glued together by the Fender Rhodes Suitcase MKI, which has become a staple in OML sample packs.

Volume 6 is nostalgic, but not dated...(think Stranger Things). Shifting primarily from organic late 70s chord progressions and arrangements, OML introduces hints of 80s film-soundtrack aesthetics on this volume.

Ranging from triumphant anthems to luxurious laid-back hustler themes, Omega Music Library proves once again that despite being a modest operation, they're by no means "budget".

This volume features 11 arrangements from Marcus Marino (keys/synths) and Gerson Zaragoza (bass/guitar).

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Omega Music Library vol. 6 Stems

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